Mission Rubber Straight Coupling Msc200M (175-200mm)

The MSC Standard Flexible Coupling connects all plain ended pipes within same outside diameters, this includes Clay, Plastic, Concrete and Twinwall Pipes. Standard Couplings can be used for different sized pipes as long as the difference is no more than 12 mm in the same size range of the coupling, anything else / larger gaps will require the use of rubber bushes. The Standard Coupling can be used for applications above and below ground as well as inside and outside of buildings. The MSC has a shearband at the centre of the coupling for extra support and is resistant to 2.5 bar of pressure. Unlike most flexible couplings Mission incorporate a lock in rubber profile and tox technology offering superior quality over standard rubber profiles and spot welding. The MSC 190 is to suit pipe sizes 165 - 190mm
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