Fronta Quatro Plain Black Uv Resistant Facade Breather Membrane 1.5 X 50M

  • Ensures reliable building components: highly permeable and, at the same time, maximum protection against driving rain
  • Dry building components: pore-free TEEE functional membrane actively transports moisture to the outside
  • Not visible behind gap decking: black fleece with identification marking in the overlap area
  • Highest possible durability and thermostability thanks to the TEEE membrane
  • 6 months of outdoor exposure
  • Quick and reliable adhesion thanks to the integrated ‘connect’ self-adhesive zones along the membrane strips
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Pro Clima Solitex Fronta Quattro is similar in specification to Tyvek UV Facade, and suitable for both open jointed and closed facades which may be exposed to UV. The 3-ply lining membrane is manufactured to permanently protect insulation from the elements. Whilst offering up to 6 months of outdoor exposure, open jointed facades should shave up to a 35mm gap and a clading width, a minimum of 3 times the gap width.

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